Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brookvale Ultra Trail Marathon 2010

It was sun and few clouds and 18-20 degrees.

The Brookvale Ultra Trail Marathon at Brookvale Provincal Park. The course on nordic ski trails, mountain bike trials, dirt road and woodlot.

I finished in 2:44:09 and came in 13th out of 34 runners.

Andre Blow won the 10km race and Patty Blanchard for the top female.

Paul Thibodeau won the 25km race and Karine Comeau for the top female.

Alex Coffin won the 50km race and Diane Boswall for the top female.

I ran the 25km loop for the first time. It is harder than Kensington Harvest Festival 25Km race.

Official Result: 13th out of 34
25K in 2 hours, 44 minutes, 9 seconds

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Adair said...

WOW!! Way to go Alex!!! I'm impressed!!Asia would not do well in that race. She hates trail running!

Do you think you'll ever do a tri?