Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Triathlon by the Sea

PEI Triathlon by the Sea
Stanhope Beach, PEI July 29th, 2007  9:00 A.M.
Weather: Sunny 25C
Race Director: Tyler Read
Timing & Results by Atlantic Chip Event Timing

Start Finish/ Transition held at the Stanhope Beach Complex. It is located on the Gulfshore Rd aproximately 1 Km from the Dalvay hotel.

The swim was in the ocean in a triangle of 750 m. The Bike was an out and back heading East on the Gulf Shore Road leaving the park in Dalvay, with a turn around 10 Km down that Road. The run was on the same road only heading west towards the Covehead bay with a turn around place 2.5 Km down the road.

Olympic Distance did these courses twice.


Olympic Triathlon

1st -- 2:13:22-- Jamie Nickerson -- from Charlottetown
2nd -- 2:21:13 -- Michael Eagles -- from Fredericton
3rd -- 2:23:42 -- Scott Dickieson -- from Hunter River

Sprint Triathlon

1st -- 1:10:22 -- Doug Cochrane -- from Dieppe
2nd -- 1:13:06 -- Matthew Gallant -- from Charlottetown
3rd -- 1:14:35 -- Sean Fleming -- from Charlottetown

Olympic Team

1st -- 2:46:27 -- Team 1 - Mandy McKenna -- Swimmer: Mandy McKeena (27:58) -- Biker: Andre Mousha (11:14:00) -- Runner: Paul McKenna (1:04:31)
Sprint Team
1st -- 1:18:54 -- -- Jennifer Power Team -- Swimmer: Jennifer Power(11:53) -- Biker: Peter Koch(39:44) -- Runner: Jason Karle(27:19)
2nd -- 1:25:32 -- Samara Profit Team -- Swimmer: Samara Profit(13:31) -- Biker: Kayla Devine(43:06) -- Runner: Nora Fleming(28:57)
3rd -- 1:32:36 -- Andrew MacLaine Team -- Swimmer: Andrew MacLaine(17:03) -- Biker: Katherine Dean(43:09) -- Runner: Katherine Dean(32:25)


1st -- 2:02:29 -- Shane Gill -- from Stratford
2nd -- 2:04:51 -- Scott MacKay -- from Mount Hebert

3rd -- 2:05:06 -- Darcy McCardle -- from Charlottetown

Congratulations Everyone!
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Anonymous said...

It sounds like a fairly nice race. I always seem to find out about the good ones just as they are finishing. There's always next year.

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Anonymous said...

Hi can't see any email contacts here as I am trying to get in touch with Tyler. So I thought this would be the best way to let him know that I have managed to get splits for the Rhodes Island Games triathlon! These will shortly be available on the Orkney Triathlon Club website - www.orkneytriathlon.co.uk - if he wants to have a look.....