Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Safety on the Run

Further to my last post on Alex's ID bracelet, we go even further on race days when he has, on occasion, pushed himself to the point of dehydration and required intervention by emergency personnel.

Larry, in his comment, gave a link to an autism card he carries. This card is very similar to ones Dennis Debbaudt has. Part of the funds raised by Alex's Tip-to-Tip Run last summer went to buy 2,000 of these cards from Dennis. They have been distributed, free of charge, to every Police & RCMP Officer, every Firefighter, every Ambulance driver and every school age
autistic on PEI. PEI's Search & Rescue will be getting some as will anyone else who needs and/or wants one. Alex carries one in his wallet and has a couple taped on the back of his race bib (so you can read both sides), along with his name & my cell number.

(click to enlarge)


Suzanne said...

Thanks for this (and the previous). I have now enrolled Ezra in MedicAlert to get him an ID bracelet. I have been worrying over how to deal with the possibility of him getting lost. I like the info cards too. Maybe if we're going to a big event I could fix him up with a card in a case on a lanyard.

Larry Arnold PhD FRSA said...

Not surprising that the West Midlands card has some similarity to what Dennis Debault has, as Dennis has had a hand in the project operating in the West Midlands.