Sunday, July 1, 2007

The most exciting finish I ever had - Fulton Campbell Half-Marathon

Saturday, June 30, 2007
Fulton Campbell Memorial Run
"Scenic, country run featuring the challenging Bells Hill at 16K"

This Saturday was the most exciting finish I ever had.

It was sun and cloud and 20 degrees.

The first 5k was different because 1.1km added to make half marathon. Montague schools, view of Montague River and hilly.

Jamie Mutch passed me at 16km mark. The final hill of race he look to beat Jamie at Princess Drive within 200 metres.

The photo finish shows on Alex's shoes cross the finish came in 1:48:24 at 46th out of 97 runners, 1 second of Jamie Mutch.

Gary Gates from Hunter River moved from Florida for top male and Shelley Simmons-MacLeod from Summerside for top female.

Official Result: 46th out of 97
Half-Marathon (21.1K) in 1 hour, 48 minutes, 24 seconds
Fulton Campbell 2006
Fulton Campbell 2005
Fulton Campbell 2004

Mom's comments - It was indeed a thrilling finish. The photo at the left of Ken Taylor and top female Shelley Simmons-MacLeod (who along with her son Tyler ran with us from Summerside to Kensington last year on the Tip-to-Tip Run) shows the last stretch of the race. Jamie was still ahead of Alex when they rounded that last corner, having passed him shortly after the water stop in the centre photo above. I've never seen Alex "save something for the end" and was a little nervous about this race since it's one of the 2 races that has beaten him (last year he only ran the 5K as he set out on the Tip-to-Tip the following day and the year before he ran 19K, rounded the last corner but his legs would not take him up the last hill and he did not finish). I was more than surprised to see Alex pour it on and race Jamie down the last stretch, catching him and squeaking him out at the finish line. I wonder if maybe that was a Dianne Pye imitation.... Thanx Jamie for the thrilling finish, Kim Bailey for another great time in Montague and Deborah Mutch for the photo of Ken & Shelley and the top one of Alex & Jamie.

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Unknown said...

very cool.

Jenny said...

Great photos. I looks like you had a really great race, too.

Sharon McDaid said...

Wow Alex, you really ran hard at the end. Well done on the half marathon. That's very impressive. You must be very fit!

Jamie said...

Great race Alex!

That was fun pushing it to the finish line. Obviously you had a bit more energy left than I did.

See you at the Dunk River Run (and maybe at the finish line again!)

Jennifer said...

It's wonderful to see such an exciting finish. Best of luck in your next race Alex. We are all cheering you on!

KIM said...

Hi Alex...

Way to whip Jamie's butt!!!

Excellent run!!!!KIM

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Alex. You are a fast runner.