Saturday, July 28, 2007

PEI Potato Blossom Festival Fun Run

It was sunny and very hot 23 degrees.

Out and back course on Rte 136 in Mill River. The potato blossoms were most both side of the road. (See photo left & below)

Finish in 44:19, 28 seconds faster than last week and 3rd fastest time ever in the 10km. Came in 8th out of 46 runners.

Scott Clark was the top male and top female finishes behind me.

Went to swimming pool afterwards and on the way home we went to Abram-Village to see SOPEI Track Meet.

Official Result: 8th out of 45
10K in 44 minutes, 20 seconds
Potato Blossom Run 2006
Potato Blossom Run 2005
Potato Blossom Run 2004

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Heat can't hold back runners
Potato Blossom Festival run
The Journal Pioneer
Mill River – Participants in the 20th annual PEI Potato Blossom Run, persevered sizzling heat Saturday, but no one was complaining.

Scott Clark from Linkletter was first to cross the finish line in the 10-kilometre event with a time of 36.33. He felt good about the run and the early morning start helped beat the heat somewhat.

“My time was good for this time of the year,” he said. “It’s probably the best time I’ve had at this race. In mid July you’re not expecting to run as fast.”

Clark remains in good form with three marathons under his belt so far this year, as well as three half marathons. Add to that about a half dozen 10 K races on- and off-Island and you have a busy schedule.

Nineteen-year-old Peter Gaudet from Montrose placed second with a time of 40.07 and Brody Ellis from Mount Royal was third finishing the run in 40.31. He was pleased since this is his first time in the top three.

In the women’s competition, Darlene Chapman from Halifax was first over the line in 46.11. This was not a personal best but she said it was close.

“The heat held all runners back some,” she said. The 43-year-old started running 10 years ago and has been smitten with the sport ever since.

“I only wish I would have started earlier,” she said.

This is her third time in the PEI Potato Blossom run and first time in top position.

“It’s a nice race. A nice community event that’s very well run,” she observed.

Placing second in women’s 10K was Anne MacLaurin, with a time of 47.20. Sonya Wadden, from Brooklyn placed third crossing the finish line in 49.46.

In the men’s five-kilometre run Andre Howard placed first with a time of 19.54. Paul Dalton from St. Edward placed second with a time of 19.57 and Leonard McNeill of Rosebank placed third in 20:12.

Shelley Simmons won the women’s 5K event crossing the line in 21 minutes. Victoria Walker placed second in 22.11 and Leah Clark placed third with a time of 25.54.

Rodd Resort and Pepsi sponsored the run, with approximately 90 participants registered.

Top 10 Runners

Following is a list of the top 10 runners in each category:

Men’s 5-K

1. Andre Howard 19.54.
2. Paul Dalton 19.57
3. Leonard McNeill 20.12
4. Garth Simmons 20.13
5. Paul Heinzman 21.02
6. Trevor Cameron 21.15
7. Randy Allain 22.00
8. Stephen LaParre 22.18
9. Mark Roberts 26.53
10.Todd Clark 27.08.

Women’s 5-K

1. Shelley Simmons 21.00
2. Victoria Walker 22.11
3. Leah Clark 25:54
4. Leta Chisholm 25.58
5. Audra MacBeth 26.10
6. Carla Hood 27.53
7. Claudette Getson 29.42
8. Tori Dexter 30.06
9. Lynn Ann Hogan 30.09
10.Kelly Williams 31.05

Men’s 10-K

1. Scott Clark 36.33
2. Peter Gaudet 40.07
3. Brody Ellis 40.31
4. Cory Ellis 42.20
5. Edwin Gillis 42.20
6. James Mutch 43.00
7. Derek Underhill 44.12
8. Alex Baine 44.20
9. David Gamble 49.20
10.Andy Walker 49.18

Women’s 10-K

1. Darlene Chapman 46.11
2. Anne MacLaurin 47.20
3. Sonya Wadden 49.46
4. Karen Sullivan 50.00
5. Mary Hart 50.18
6. Judy Coughlin 51:55
7. Patty Dexter 54.50
8. Carol Morgan 55.46
9. Margo Thompson 56.20
10. Susan Shea 57.00

O'Leary, PEI
July 25-29, 2007


Anonymous said...

what a lovely image of the fields. I have never seen a field of potatoes before-it is all corn and soy and cotton here in the South.


Anne said...

8 out of 46 is really good.

I never even knew potatoes had blossoms. How embarrassing!

jypsy said...

I've added a close-up of a potato blossom I snapped on my travels today.

I can't say as I've ever seen a cotton field but we grow corn & soy here too. There's been a lot of canola (bright yellow) planted in our area this year and I've seen more and more flax (blue) fields too. Very pretty.

We live in the middle of 40 acres of fields that do a 3 year rotation of carrots, grain, hay. This is a hay year and they just cut it the end of last week. They took away a lot of square bales but there are still a *lot* of round bales remaining.

I didn't realize until much later how well Alex had done in this race. Although his personal best in a 10K is 40:58, his 2nd best time is 44:15, only 5 seconds faster than he ran on Saturday. He set that at the Source for Sports run in Summerside in 2004. It's coming up August 11th, the same day Roger's brother John is getting married. Stay tuned for a potentially good time on that run and some more wedding pictures....... First though is the 5 mile run this coming weekend and he just this year set his PB in the 5 mile at Scott Clark's run