Sunday, May 6, 2012

How to Self Register with the new RoadRunner Scanner System

Here's the illustrated step by step guide to using the new PEI RoadRunners self registration scanner. This guide looks more complicated than the process itself! Jamie has created a quick, straightforward system that is often just a click of the scanner and 3 taps on the Enter key. 

If you are not a PEI RoadRunner member but would like a tag to use for registrations, ask Jamie for one at the next race.

Screen #1
This is the screen you'll see first:
You can:

   1) type your 4 digit ID number into the green box and press Enter

 2) scan your tag

To scan your tag:
hold the scanner about 6" from the barcode side of your tag 
and pull the trigger

Screen #2
The second screen will have your name on it:

  •  If that is your name, press Enter 
(or use the mouse to click on "YES")

If you have noticed that your information in the PEI RoadRunners database is incorrect, or incomplete ... or if you would like your information deleted from the PEI Roadrunners Club database ... use the link below to let Jamie know.

  • If it is not your name, click on "No" and start over.......

 Screen #3
The third screen has your bib number in the green box:

  • If the number in the green box is your bib number press Enter
  • If the number is not your bib number, or you've forgotten your bib and are wearing a different bib that day, type in the correct bib number and press Enter

Screen #4

On the 4th screen, you select your distance (if there is more than one)

  • If you are running the distance in the green box press Enter.

  • If you are not running that distance, use the arrow keys 
or the mouse to highlight the green box of the distance you are running and press Enter.

That will take you back to the first screen, 
ready for the next person to register. 

You're Registered! 

Now Pay and you're good to go! Have fun, run safe!

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