Monday, August 29, 2011

Islanders on the Run - Sunday in Quebec City, Yarmouth & Kentucky

Half-Marathon (Marathon canceled by Irene)
367(Place) JAMES MUTCH 1:33:51.7(Chip) 4:27(Pace) 88/8003(Category) 41/2902(Gender)
1678 (Place) GEORGE L MUTCH 1:49:42.4(Chip) 5:12(Pace) 194/5021(Category) 434/2902(Gender)
4238(Place) MARIE-LYNE BEDARD 2:42:03.6(Chip) 7:41(Pace) 552/5821(Category) 422/1599(Gender)
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"And although not an Islander, Pierre-Andre Cote is a PEI RoadRunner Club member. He is father to Mary Cote and Father-in-law to Chris Matters. I think Mary said he ran with his daughter":

1936(Place) PIERRE-ANDRE COTE 1:08:21.1(Chip) 7:04(Pace) 32/548(Category) 73/1026
1944(Place) SANDRA COTE 1:08:27.3(Chip) 6:52(Pace) 392/520(Category) 1069/1553
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14(Place) Elaine Burkholder Charlottetown 4:13:58(Time)
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