Monday, September 20, 2010

Finish Line Photos

I've taken a lot of finish line photos over the past few years. Currently there are 48,057 photos on Alex's Flickr account, most of them finish line photos. Here's a finish line photo I didn't take:

Loretta snapped this yesterday as I crossed the finish line at the Terry Fox Run.

After cycling 34.63Km with the Maritime 50K Fox runners (taking photos along the way), I saw Alex onto the Bridge then I parked my bike at Cape Jourimain in the parking lot and took to the Bridge on foot.
I met up with my youngest son, who had walked over from the PEI side about 2Km in and we walked back together. It took just over 2 hours to cover the 12.9Km and we even ran most of the last 1.5Km. We were off the Bridge by the 12 noon deadline.

I wonder how many more finish line photos like this there will be......

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Unknown said...

Way to go Janet!!!

I am so glad that Loretta was there to do for you what you so ably do for all of us on a weekly basis!