Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pre-Boston Run & Fun

A great idea was hatched when Michael Gaudet suggested a pre-Boston Marathon get together
at Boston Pizza Tuesday, April 13th at 7pm to talk Boston
with those runners going to Boston, or who have been to, the Boston Marathon.

Since Becca's Tuesday night crew run at 6pm from UPEI it looked like Michael's plan was a great way to cap off this Tuesday's run. As well, a number of runners are heading out to and/or training for other Marathons and runners, like Alex, would just love to munch on Pizza surrounded by Marathon talk (because, as Becca put it, "who doesn't like talking about running???!!!")


The run is not a pre-requisite for the Boston Pizza fun. Runners who spin on Tuesday evenings are also invited (as well as runners who shop, houseclean, watch TV, study, do laundry or do anything else on Tuesday evenings). Relatives of runners are also welcome :)

If you're interested in joining us, please let Becca know HERE so she can make reservations.

For those runners heading to Boston who we won't see before the Boston Marathon, good luck, have fun, and safe travels. We'll be watching....

Here's who is registered for Boston from PEI:
  • Aucoin, Jules D.
  • Bailey, Kimberley
  • Boswall, H. Diane
  • Burt, Robert C.
  • Clark, Scott
  • Dalton, Paul
  • Gaudet, Michael
  • Irvine, Michael
  • Keith, David Kelly
  • Lores, Marcos
  • McConkey, Sandra E.
  • Mutch, James
  • Nickerson, Jennifer
  • Shea, Jo-Anne 51
  • Shea, Shawn M.
  • Van Ekris, Loretta M.
  • Victor, Mark E.
  • Walsh, Beverley E.

And Elaine, have fun at the Bad To The Bone Marathon in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Nancy, wherever you went, hope you have a great marathon experience too!

You're a tough lot to keep tabs on, running all around the country, the continent, and the world
like you do! We wish all Island marathoners very happy, fun, safe and satisfying
marathons in 2010, wherever they may be.

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