Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank You!

Thank You!

One of the very first things Alex had to say about his Olympic Torch Run experience was "Thank You PEI RoadRunners".
Moments later, when I asked him what the best part of his run was, he replied "my fans". That "thank you" was the first thing he wanted to say when he blogged about his experience. There were RoadRunners too numerous to mention.
Thanks Ellen for arranging the pre Torch Run long run on the trail to get the
Sunday long runners in the right place at the right time.
There were four very special ladies who worked with Alex as TAs (Teachers Aides, now referred to as Educational Aides) spanning his life from age 3 to Grade 12.
There were family and friends and even an Olympian.
Thanks to CTV's live webcam, family across Canada were also watching.

"Thank You I was very happy to see everyone and cheer to me."

I'd like to add my own thanks to all of you, it was a very special moment for Alex,
made all the more special by being able to share it with so many of you.
(And thanks for the great pictures many of you got! You'll notice that not all the photos in the album are mine, if you have some please send them to me)

Thanks to Jeff Doucette from the Petro Canada & Robin's Donuts
for giving us a deal on the coffee we were able to offer to you.
"Thank You Jeff!"

Thanks to Coke for picking Alex as a Torchbearer!
Alex asked that, as an autistic and a distance runner,
Coke pick him to "represent and celebrate active and diverse Canadians".

Thank you Sarah Mitchell, Vancouver 2010 Olympic Team Torchbearer Coordinator from Coke, for her part in Alex's run.
She had a hand in slotting him into the Winsloe leg, was there to watch over him Sunday, and made sure the Coke Truck treated his "fans" with flags, Coke and lots of energy.

"Thanks Sarah!"

Alex was in for another big treat when I got an email from the 1988 PEI Olympic Torchbearer and current Coke employee Paul Crabbe who found his way to our blog thanks to his sister who was looking for a story the Journal Pioneer had done with him. Paul emailed and offered Alex a rare Coke PEI Torchbeaerer pin.

Today we met with Paul

He gave Alex not only the PEI pin and a couple of regular Coke Olympic pins,
but also a jacket, t-shirt & 2010 calendar poster! Thanks Paul!

"Thank You Paul I really like the Coke gifts."

"Thank You to Nannie

and Doug and Spring
for sending the money to help buy my
Olympic Torch Run souvenirs."

and thanks to Ben and Jasmine for taking photos & video!


abfh said...

Yay for Alex, and Coke too! Fabulous!

Cheri Gallant said...

Wow that was awesome of Coke!