Sunday, November 29, 2009

Meet The Torchbearers - Alex Bain

Coke has a webpage
Meet The Torchbearers"

If you click by the little Lighthouse on Prince Edward Island,
you can read an edited version of the essay Alex wrote
that won him his spot with Coke as an Olympic Torchbearer:

Lately, far more than "about 200 people per day" have been visiting
this blog. So far this month, there have been over 10,600 visitors.
The graph below shows the week surrounding his Sunday Torch Run.

1,023 visitors checked out this blog the day of Alex's Olympic Torch Run.

On another Coke page,
Meet Some of our Torchbearers" at the Coke Newsroom,
on the November 22nd page

Coca-Cola Torchbearers – November 22nd

Alex Bain

Hometown: Oyster Bed Bridge

Carrying Torch: Winsloe

Alex Bain is autistic, he runs for autism awareness, acceptance and inclusion. Bain has always been active and particularly interested in running. He joined the track and field and cross country teams at school and the RoadRunners Club in P.E.I. He trains through the week, year round, alone and with a group.

Bain has won many awards for his participation in running: rookie of the year in 2004, inspirational runner of the year in 2005 and the Bluefield High School cross country award of distinction in 2005.

In 2006, Bain ran a half marathon a day all across P.E.I. on the Autistic Celebration Run to raise awareness and train law enforcement and first responders in autism recognition and response. Bain has begun mentoring an autistic student with running and typing. He reports his runs on his blog; Runman. Bain carries the torch to celebrate active and diverse Canadians.


You can see who the Coke Torchbearers are at

You can see who the RBC Torchbearers are at
(you can also search by 'name' or 'date')

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