Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Important - Please read changing

Hard to believe.....

I first signed onto the Internet, with ISN (Island Services Network), on April 14th, 1995. Although I wasn't "jypsy@" for another year or so, I have always had (and exclusively used) an "" email address. Now, after 12 years, "" is about to be no more.

A couple of months ago ISN was sold to Eastlink. Despite promises made to us by ISN's owner, and promises made to him by Eastlink, Eastlink sent out an email a couple of days ago to inform us that AS OF APRIL 15th our email addresses would be deactivated and any mail sent there would bounce!

Eastlink's customer service is on the very far end of the spectrum from ISN's.

Well, I guess they heard from enough of us as they have relented now and given us until the end of the year.

Meanwhile I've spent a good many hours already changing over various accounts, groups, subscriptions etc etc etc to another, permanent, email, and I haven't got them all yet. (I can't imagine how many more hours/days/weeks it would have taken if I hadn't recently acquired highspeed!)

So..... if I'm in your address book you might as well make the change now.
Please change "" to "".

As well, if you are linked to my webpage, or have it bookmarked, and still use the "" URL, change my URL to .

Currently, and for a while, both the PlanetAutism URL and email address bounce to my ISN address. At some point though this will change and they will bounce over to a different address. It WILL NOT be Eastlink.

ISP delays e-mail name change for P.E.I. users

March 19, 2008

Eastlink will give customers it picked up with the purchase of a P.E.I. internet service more time to change their e-mail addresses, following complaints.
'I get 90 per cent of my bookings off the e-mail.' — Jane Dunphy, B&B owner

Former customers of Island Services Network were shocked to learn this week that Eastlink was giving them one month to change their e-mail addresses. In particular, it was a serious problem for dozens of tourist operators.

"I get 90 per cent of my bookings off the e-mail. I'm one of 64 people in the tourist guide who have ISN addresses; that can't be changed," said Jane Dunphy, who owns Annandale Bed and Breakfast in eastern P.E.I.

Dunphy was given 30 days notice of the change via e-mail, and was one of several upset customers who complained to Eastlink about the sudden change. Dunphy said the company needs to recognize e-mail addresses have become as important as phone numbers.

Eastlink bought ISN in January.

"We do understand that this was an inconvenience to customers," said Eastlink spokeswoman Paula Sibley, following the complaints.

"We didn't provide them with sufficient time. We apologize, and now we're working to extend that period again until Dec. 31."

The change has Dunphy relieved she will be able to concentrate on making her guests comfortable, rather than worrying if they will be able to reach her.

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