Monday, March 10, 2008

2009 Canada Games PEI Triathlon Team Looking for 2 Team Officials

Are you interested
in being a team official for the
2009 Canada Games PEI Triathlon Team?

The existing coach for the 2009 Canada Games PEI Triathlon team is unable to continue his role due to personal reasons, and they are now looking for two team officials to consider taking on the team official's role for the 09 games .

The previous coach has identified and was working with approximately five athletes over the past year and developed training programs for some of them . We would like to see if these athletes could continue to train under the guidance of a coach and manager so PEI may field a team for the 09 Games - Triathlon's first ever appearance in the Canada Games! No athletes have actually made the team to date, its just a training team, an identification program at this point .

All Provincial Canada Games traiathlon teams are able to have a coach and manager, one must be male and one must be female. The provincial team composition of athletes for the games is three male and three female.

Are there any Roadrunners who might be interested in this opportunity ?

Should any individuals want further information in coaching/ managing our 2009 Canada Games team I would welcome the opportunity to meet with them.

Thank you for any support you may give this request !

Ted Lawlor
Provincial Amateur Sport Coordinator /
Manager 2009 Canada Games Best Ever Program Sport and Recreation Division,
Department of Communities, Cultural Affairs and Labour.
16 Fitzroy Street , Charlottetown
Prince Edward Island , CIA 7N8
phone ( 902 ) 368-4783
fax ( 902 ) 368-4663
e-mail ( Sport & Recreation)

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