Monday, February 4, 2008

Alex Bain runs the Boston Marathon

No.... not "our" Alex Bain, this Alex Bain:

April 19, 2007

Running bandit in the Boston Marathon

I ran the Boston Marathon on Monday, but you'll never see my time listed anywhere, b/c I wasn't a registered runner. I didn't qualify or raise enough money for charity to be given a bib. I had no idea how tight the restrictions would be on me, whether I'd be able to drink from the water stations or anything like that, so I called my buddy who'd run bandit before...

Alex and Alex have some obvious similarities and reading his blog, his Tumblr (and even his cat Furio's blog) feels like reading the words of a close family member, not a stranger. Might have to look him up someday when "our" Alex Bain runs the Boston Marathon.....

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