Saturday, December 15, 2007

My 20th Birthday

Today it my 20th Birthday.

20 years ago in Charlottetown Queen Elizabeth Hospital where I born and live in Glen Valley in a cabin with Mom, Dad and older brother.

Today it was snow all day and -10 degrees and windy.

I got presents, Asics GEL Nimbus 9 shoes and Firefry reflective laces and money and Wii game "Game Party". The 7 games included shuffle board, trivia, darts, air hockey, hoop shoot, pong toss and saucer ball. The shuffle board are my favorite.

Ben carry 2 pizzas and garlic fingers from Pizza Delight for supper.

The 20th Birthday Cake are made of sign of running. It marble cake.

I not a teenage anymore.

I have a good day.


Bev said...

Happy Birthday, Alex! Everything looks great, especially your big smile!

Tera said...

Happy birthday, Alex!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alex! I love the website. Your cake looked really yummy. Hope this year is filled with good luck and good health and lots of joy for you.

Chantal and Family

Anonymous said...

Oh my word. You aren't a teenager any more!

I'm glad you had a good day, the pizza and cake looks fantastic. Hi to your mom, too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alex!!

Glad you had a good day, and I hope those new running shoes help you set lots more PBs next year!

I see your mom had fun decorating another cake!

Patrick said...

Sorry I'm Late but HAPPY Birthday Alex!

Marla said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Alex! The game looks like lots of fun. So many birthdays in December!

FreddyBeachPete said...

Happy birthday Alex. Hope the year ahead is a wonderful one.