Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Turkey Trot - Running in a Blizzard

"The run goes just before the Christmas Parade in Souris"

It was -3 and snowing with a wind warning and are snow squall warning.

It took 1 1/2 hour to drive there and almost 2 hours to home.

The roads are slippies and white outs.

The figure 8 course run right before the Santa Clause Parade.

It took under 25 minutes of facing headwind and blinding snow.

Marcellus Campbell from Souris who was the youngest runner complete the PEI Marathon was won the race.

Lots of Souris High kids there wearing yellow and burgundy striped shirts.

We didn't go to the Bluefin because of the weather we came home.

Official result: 13th out of 47
5K in 24 minutes, 55 seconds

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More Photos

Turkey Trot runners dash down Souris parade route

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dinah said...

This reminds me of a visit I made to your home through blizzarding deep snow, just before Christmas one year. I can't remember why but somehow I hadn't phoned through to say I was coming at that exact time. Yet as I waded through the snow, your mother was at that very moment putting some delicious home-made chocolates into a little ceramic pot for me. I still have the pot :) - hope to make it to PEI again some year