Saturday, December 8, 2007

Robert Bertolas Has Arrived!

Robert Bertolas, who we posted about in late September when his cross-Canada Generex/Jaymor Victory Tour for MS brought him to PEI, has arrived in St. John's Newfoundland. Robert ran, biked & rollerbladed 9,653 Km, from Victoria BC to St. John's NFLD to raise awareness & funds for Multiple Sclerosis. Robert's trek took almost 10 months and on November 18th, one week ahead of his target arrival date, Robert ran up to the sign welcoming him to St. John's. We've been following Robert's blog since we first met, on the highway, on the way home from the Miscouche Firefighter's 10 Miler.

Well done Robert! Remembering the thrill of Alex reaching East Point after 14 days of running across Prince Edward Island, it must have been an absolutely incredible feeling for you. Congratulations to you and your support team. I hope you have a very relaxing & peace-filled holiday season. Best wishes and good health to all of you in 2008 & beyond.

If you'd like to donate to Robert, it's not too late. Click here.
"Your generous donation will be given to the Myelin Project of Canada. Their dedicated researchers are working hard to find a cure for MS, leukodystrophies and demyelinating diseases which affects more than 2 million people world wide."

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