Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Islanders In Boston - What... no live blogging??!!

We have live blogged the results of Prince Edward Islanders at the Boston Marathon since this blog began in 2007. These are the final pages, (after being updated non-stop with each runner's updated split times throughout the day), of those years:

2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 

This year that streak comes to an end. We'll be there!

This will be a sort of practice run for us, a chance to get a feel for Boston and the Boston Marathon before Alex gets his chance to run it, having qualified for the 2015 Boston Marathon at our Prince Edward Island Marathon here in October. On Saturday morning, Alex, along with 9,999 others, will be running the BAA 5K. The real challenge will be for Alex and I not to lose each other.... Wish us luck!

Here's the list of all of PEI's qualified and registered runners in the 2014 Boston Marathon on Monday. Billy MacDonald and Rob MacKenzie are injured and will not be running (and perhaps some others?) Wish them luck!

Here are the 5K runners:

If you're not in Boston on Marathon Day, 
here where to watch the Boston Marathon

Live tracking should be available Race Day on 

from our boston trip will be put in this album:
along with a few of the pictures 
that lead to us going on this little adventure

Safe travels & best wishes to all our PEI runners!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Janet and Alex,

We'll be tracking those Island runners. Hopefully not texting them after the fact to see if they survived (like last year)!

Good Luck and good speed to everyone!

Karen Mair