Monday, April 15, 2013

Live Blogging Islanders at the Boston Marathon Split Times

  PEI Runners in Boston

reportedly all okay!


Canadian Runners in Boston - Need Help? 

Phone line set up for Canadians in Boston: 


Explosions at the Boston Marathon


and HERE 

Live Blogging Islanders at the Boston Marathon
Split Times 

Screenshots from Live Tracking PEI Runners & Runner Results

MacKinnon, Mike (CAN)

Chaisson, Stan (CAN) 

McCosham, Leo (CAN) 

Clark, Scott (CAN) 

Gallant, David (CAN) 

Matters, Chris (CAN) 

Newson, Kristy (CAN) 

Dalton, Paul (CAN) 

Benson, Brenda (CAN)

Mutch, James (CAN) 

Grant, Kara (CAN) 

Brown, Beth Ellen (CAN) 

Clark, Dave (CAN) 

Orr, Jennie (CAN)

Grant, Marian (CAN)

Shea, Shawn (USA) 

Walsh, Beverley (CAN)

It appears this is as close as Dianne & Kim got to finishing their marathon before the explosion. 
So glad that they, and all our PEI runners and family members, are okay. 
Our thoughts are with all those affected by today's horrible events in Boston

Dianne & Kim at 4:02pm

Pye, Dianne (CAN) 

Bailey, Kimberley (CAN) 

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