Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Message from Erin on her Cross Gambia Run

If you haven't been following Erin Poirier's Love4Gambia Blog as she runs 430Km across Gambia, now would be a good time to start. Today is Erin's 31st Birthday and here's a brief quote from her most recent blog post

Thursday July 14 is my birthday. We will be running 31km for my age, 31 years. Internet time is really limited and I can’t read many facebook messages. But if you would like to wish me happy birthday, I would love for you to donate $31 to Love4Gambia. Or $310. Just click on the “donate now” button on the homepage.

Much love,

Go read the whole thing, I love the bit about the old ladies:

"running in the spot, 70 year old arms swinging back and forth, buckets perched gracefully on their old heads."

And donate!

At least wish her well and wish her a very Happy Birthday! Read about the conditions she's running under and why she's doing it.

Happy Birthday Erin!

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