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Islanders on the Run -Last Weekend in Lake Placid

Clark, Scott 193/59/1748/(RANK) M45-49(AGE/DIV) 01:20:54(SWIM) 05:47:45(BIKE) 03:28:58(RUN) 10:52:44(TOTAL)
Clark, Dave 113/42/12049/(RANK) M45-49(AGE/DIV) 01:14:48(SWIM) 05:42:50(BIKE) 05:25:55
(RUN) 12:37:20(TOTAL)
Matthew Gallant 1:16:35(SWIM) 45:22(BIKE) 4:26:21(RUN) 12:47:58(TOTAL)
Ron MacDougall 1:24:40
(SWIM) 7:12:35(BIKE) 7:19:43(RUN) 16:45:01(TOTAL)

Congrats guys!

Local athletes compete in

Lake Placid Ironman

Published on July 29, 2011
Jason Simmonds

SUMMERSIDE - Two local athletes had strong showings at the gruelling Ford Ironman event in Lake Placid, N.Y., on Sunday.Scott Clark of Linkletter and Dave Clark of Summerside competed in the 45-to-49 age category. Scott finished with a total time of 10 hours 52 minutes 44 seconds (10:52:44) while Dave checked in at 12:37:20.

"They claim it's the second toughest Ironman on the circuit because there is close to 9,000 feet of elevation through the biking and running courses," commented Scott, who competed in his third Ironman event.

It was Dave's second Ironman. His first one was in Florida in November 2010.

"I loved it," Dave said. "The course was beautiful, and I absolutely want to do it again at some point."

The participants started the race with a 3.8-kilometre lake swim.

"To start off with 2,800 in the water at the same time, it's quite a feeling," said Scott, 47.

The participants then changed into their gear for a 180-kilometre bike ride. A full marathon (42.2 kilometres) concluded the Ironman. The time between events is referred to as transition time.

Scott's run time of 3:28:59 was the second-fastest in his division.

"My goal in the run was I did not want to let anyone pass me, and I succeeded," he said.

Participants also had to deal with warm temperatures in the high 20s (Celsius).

"That was doable," said Scott. "We trained in the heat leading up to it."

The Clarks, no relation, did considerable hill training in the New London and Park Corner areas.

"If you do not do the training, you are going to pay the price out there," Scott added.

Dave, 49, commented the Lake Placid course certainly featured more mountains and hills than he experienced in Florida.

"They claim it's the second toughest Ironman on the circuit because there is close to 9,000 feet of elevation through the biking and running courses."- Scott Clark

"I had a good swim and a good bike, but the run got to me a bit" he offered. "The heat got to me and I had to walk a bit. But, overall, I was pleased with my time."

When asked what he learned from the Lake Placid experience that will help him in future Ironmans, Dave commented: "For me, the nutrition part, especially on the run. I need to add more salt or salt tablets to my running. . ."

The Ironman concluded at the outdoor skating oval next to the Herb Brooks Arena. Both facilities were venues for the 1980 Winter Olympics.

"It's just amazing scenery down in Lake Placid," said Scott. "It's quite a site as the runners are coming in. They announce your name and have you up on a big screen as you run half the oval to the finish line."


Local athletes in Ford Lake Placid Ironman:

Scott Clark

Swim (3.8 kilometres) - 1:20:50.

Bike (180 kilometres) - 5:47:34.

Run (42.2 kilometres) - 3:28:59.

Transition 1 (swim to bike) - 10:11.

Transition 2 (bike to run) - 5:12.

Total time - 10:52:44.

Dave Clark

Swim (3.8 kilometres) - 1:14:46.

Bike (180 kilometres) - 5:42:43.

Run (42.2 kilometres) - 5:25:55.

Transition 1 (swim to bike) - 9:07.

Transition 2 (bike to run) - 4:51.

Total time - 12:37:20.

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