Monday, May 3, 2010

Mark Campbell - Conquering the Cabot Trail - 280km Solo Run for Brigadoon

Conquering the Cabot Trail - 280km Solo Run for Brigadoon

Mark Campbell will be attempting to run non-stop 280km of the Cabot Trail

in approx 36hrs, starting 9pm Fri May 28th

With a laundry list of endurance accomplishments under his belt, beginning may 28th Mark Campbell will attempt to run the 280km loop of the Cabot Trail, solo, in one non-stop push.

"I am very fortunate to be able challenge myself and participate in activities that I enjoy, and support the efforts of the Brigadoon organization to create an environment for kids to also have that opportunity."

By attempting this run Mark hopes to raise awareness and funds for Brigadoon Village, and help make this valuable facility a reality.

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This is Mark when we met him at The Cabot Trail Relay in 2008 when he was part of a 2 man running team. Good Luck Mark, we'll see you at the Cabot Trail Relay at the end of the month.

About Brigadoon

We are the Brigadoon Children’s Camp Society. We are a non-profit organization that is going to build and manage Brigadoon - a year-round facility for residential camps for children and youth living with a chronic illness.

Brigadoon will be a recreation facility in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley providing space for existing special camp programs, helping address currently unmet needs, and providing learning opportunities for students and health care providers who work with remarkable young people.

The transformational effect of a camping experience is life altering. For children and youth with a chronic illness or condition, opportunities for self-discovery can be limited by definitions of disease, treatments, conditions, and stereotypes. Brigadoon is committed to creating a place where you’re allowed to be just a kid. Not a patient, a chart full of symptoms, or a ‘good little soldier.’

Various charities across the Maritime Provinces offer a summer camp experience to young people living with chronic illnesses. The unmet needs of those children living with chronic illness who are not offered a similar summer camp experience far outweighs currently addressed populations. Current special programs rent space. The facilities and programming for these young people are unique – often requiring medical teams, equipment and specific protocols. Increasing registration within these programs, demand for new programs to address the unmet need, as well as declining suitable and available space within the Maritimes has created a great challenge - and an opportunity.

Building Brigadoon

With the capacity to serve existing special programs in the region, as well as assist in addressing the unserved need, Brigadoon Village will create great economies of scale and bring together dedicated expertise and focus within one organization. The pillars of Brigadoon are:

  • Experience (camping/day programming)
  • Learning (co-operative education, internships, practicum programming)
  • Research (Brigadoon is designed to support research activities surrounding psychosocial and social-behavioral elements of chronic conditions within the pediatric and young adult populations.)

With the help of a volunteer Capital Campaign Cabinet and through the generosity of individuals, corporations, and community organizations, Brigadoon aims to start construction in 2010 and host its first camp in the summer of 2011.

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