Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sunday Morning Runs

An informal and unstructured running group has decided to meet at the Farmers' Market (Belvedere Ave, Charlottetown) every Sunday morning at 8:30, rain, shine, snow, or sleet.

"Informal and unstructured" means just that! There is nobody in charge, there are no reminder emails, there are no weather-related cancellations, and there are no predetermined routes or distances or paces. We just show up, form groups of runners with similar goals (distance and speed), and run for the joy of it. In all probability, groups will run out-and-back on the Confederation Trail while the footing is suitable, and switch to the roadways when the trail is unsuitable, but that is the decision of each individual group.
While there are no rules, there are some guidelines:
  • please be there by 8:30;
  • please head out by 8:35;
  • please stay in the group you start with (do not run ahead of your group, and your group should not run ahead of you); and
  • please do not let anyone run alone, because of either injury or inability to keep up.

On our first morning (2 Nov 2008), groups ran 8, 10, and 16km, so there was something for everyone, although there is no guarantee that these exact distances will be run each week. These Sunday morning runs are great training for WR3 day on 4 Apr 2009. Bring a running buddy if you can, but don't be shy about showing up alone and meeting other runners.

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