Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Awareness of Parkinson's disease aim of tip-to-tip run

Awareness of Parkinson's disease aim of tip-to-tip run

Luke McIver will be running from tip to tip this August to raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease. Submitted photo

The Guardian

KINKORA — Luke McIver will be running Prince Edward Island from tip to tip to raise awareness for a disease that has hit close to home.
McIver is set to make his way across the province between Aug. 14-19 for his grandparents, who have both dealt with Parkinson’s disease over the years.
His grandfather passed away recently, while his grandmother is trying to manage the disease.
McIver, an active runner, wanted to find a way to help raise awareness for the disease, so he decided to put his feet to work.
“I’ve been running a lot . . . I might as well do it for a reason.”
When he told his parents about the idea, they were quick to lend their support. His grandmother is also touched by the idea, he said.
“She’s pretty proud. She’s one of my biggest supporters.”
McIver said if his grandfather were here, he’d also appreciate the effort.
“I think it would be very important for him.”
McIver will start his run in North Cape, travelling to Richmond on his first day. From there, he’ll go to Hunter River on the second day, and to Mount Stewart on the third day.
The fourth leg of his run will end at East Point.
He said sponsors have been supportive of the run and the cause it supports.
“It’s important to know everyone is behind us.”
McIver hasn’t set a goal for the run, although he does have an idea of how much he’d like to raise.
“I want to make as much as possible.”
Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder that affects the central nervous system. It often affects a person’s motor skills and speech. There is no cure.

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