Saturday, November 24, 2007

T'was The Month Before Christmas Run

A 5K and 10K around a 2.5K looped course at UPEI.

It was cloudy and snowy and cold and -6 degrees.

The 2.5km loop course around the UPEI and Confederation Trail.

He ran the whole race with Sean MacNeill. The first 2 laps in under 23 minutes, the wind mostly in your face.

He finish in 45:24 and came in 12th out of 38 runners.

Scott Clark for top male and Pat Ellis for top female in the 10km.

I met Pat Ellis went I was 2, she is an audiologist.

Stephen Bagole and Ellen Sherren for top male and female in the 5km.

The run for fundraise to PEI Roadrunners Club.

There was people from Stanley's Summerside running group running in first 10km race.

Official Result: 12th out of 38
10K in 45 minutes, 24 seconds

T'was the Month Before Christmas 2006

More Photos

I got a presents from Cheryl and Scott maybe early birthday present.

Cheryl give me a shirt because she thought
of me when she saw it.

Scott give me a NYC Marathon poster and Spongebob Cap says "Bikini Bottom Track Club". Scott bring me the Boston Marathon poster every year.

Thank You Cheryl and Scott!

For Autism
Not Against It
acceptance not cure

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