Monday, November 5, 2007

Islanders on the Run - Last Weekend in Moncton and New York City

Legs for Literacy Marathon

Despite post-tropical storm Noel, The Legs for Literacy Marathon, Half-Marathon, 5&10K runs went on.

Full Marathon:
6(Place)Leo McCosham - 3/47(Division Place)M4049
3:09:39(Gun Time)3:09:38*(Chip Time)4:31(Pace)

7(Place)Mark McCoshom - 4/47(Division Place)M4049
3:11:48(Gun Time)3:11:47*(Chip Time)4:34(Pace)

32(Place) Sean McCormick - 10/21(Division Place)M3039
3:35:29(Gun Time)3:35:27(Chip Time)5:08(Pace)

46(Place) Lora Kemp - 2/7(Division Place)F3039
3:44:37(Gun Time)3:44:31*(Chip Time)5:21(Pace)

54(Place) Paul Johnston - 22/47(Division Place)M4049
3:49:05(Gun Time)3:49:00(Chip Time)5:28(Pace)

58(Place) Nancy Morris - 3/16(Division Place)F4049
3:50:23(Gun Time)3:50:10*(Chip Time)5:29(Pace)

64(Place) John Van Ekris - 25/47(Division Place)M4049
3:53:26(Gun Time)3:53:18(Chip Time)5:34(Pace)

68(Place) Dave Beaton - 27/47(Division Place)M4049
3:54:50(Gun Time)3:54:39(Chip Time)5:36(Pace)

78(Place) Loretta Van Ekris - 5/16(Division Place)F4049
4:05:10(Gun Time)4:05:02(Chip Time)5:51(Pace)

111(Place) Debby Hughes - 10/16(Division Place)F4049
4:34:17(Gun Time)4:34:01(Chip Time)6:32(Pace)

114(Place) Joan Watson - 12/16(Division Place)F4049
4:34:46(Gun Time)4:34:35(Chip Time)6:33(Pace)
* Boston Marathon Qualifier
144 Total Runners Full Results


98(Place) Chris Doiron - 11/17(Division Place)M2029 - 1:52:36(Gun Time)
1:52:00(Chip Time)5:20(Pace)
99(Place) Dianne Pye - 7/79(Division Place)F4049 - 1:52:38(Gun Time)
1:52:20(Chip Time)5:21(Pace)
100(Place) Elaine Burkholder - 4/20(Division Place)F5059 - 1:52:38(Gun Time)
1:52:20(Chip Time)5:21(Pace)
198(Place) Eric Deveau - 44/58(Division Place)M4049 - 2:05:50(Gun Time)
2:05:13(Chip Time)5:58(Pace)
273(Place) Carolyn Knox - 44/79(Division Place)F4049 - 2:16:19(Gun Time)
2:15:48(Chip Time)6:28(Pace)

389 Total Runners Full Results


93(Place) Shallyn Murray - 14/28(Division Place)F2029 - 1:01:34(Gun Time)
1:01:24(Chip Time)6:09(Pace)
144(Place) Arlene Edgecombe - 11/22(Division Place)F5059 - 1:09:31(Gun Time)
1:09:08(Chip Time)6:55(Pace)

187 Total Runners Full Results

Congratulations All!

"On Sunday morning just before the start of the marathon fellow roadrunner and
roadrunner executive Paul Baglole collapsed on the school floor .Paul was there to
support his fellow roadrunners.Paul is at the Moncton hospital,hopefully he will be
back running with the club soon."

Paul, our thoughts and best wishes are with you, hope you're back on your feet soon.
Legs for Literacy hits streets this weekend
Marathon event reaches goal of more than 1,000 runners
Runners will be spotted in Riverview this weekend

537(Place) 496(Gender Place) 84(Age Place) Scott Clark - 2:55:47 (Official Time)
18294(Place) 4167(Gender Place) 811(Age Place) Kimberley Bailey - 4:21:05 (Official Time)
9:57 (Pace/Mile)

38554 Total Runners Full Results
Congratulations Scott & Kim! This is the Marathon Alex hopes to run someday. Alex was
very unhappy when our power was knocked out by post-tropical storm Noel at 8:15am
Sunday, afraid it might not be back on time for him to watch the NYC Marathon
coverage on TV at 4pm. All turned out well when we got our power back at 2:30pm.

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