Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bermuda, P.E.I. bid to host 2013 Games

Bermuda, P.E.I. bid to host 2013 Games
Chair of international association pleased with competition

The Guardian

Two member islands — Bermuda and Prince Edward Island — have formally presented their intentions to bid for the hosting rights of the XV Island Games in 2013.

J├Ârgen Pettersson, chairman of the International Island Games Association, said he is pleased with the competition between the two islands.

“We are delighted to have two alternatives for our members to choose between. Both Bermuda and Prince Edward Island have, by submitting their intentions to bid, shown the other member islands that they are prepared to take on the huge responsibility and the challenge to host the XV Island Games.”

Pettersson says the Games in 2013 will be the first Island Games ever held on the other side of the Atlantic.
The bidding islands now have until Dec. 28 to present their bid documents.

Following a spring meeting in 2008, IGA will make a recommendation to the membership regarding the choice of host for 2013.

The final decision will be taken by the membership at the IGA annual general meeting in Aland on June 28, 2008.

Aland is the host for the NatWest Island Games XIII in 2009, while the Isle of Wight will take on the task in 2011.

Jon Beard, chairman of the Bermuda Island Games Association, says they are presently meeting with their government’s Ministry of Youth, Sport and Recreation, as well as the Ministry of Tourism in preparation for a strong bid to the IGA executive and the IGA’s member islands.

Alfred Groom, president of the Island Games Association of Prince Edward Island, says they have the support of the government of Prince Edward Island for their intent to bid and the provincial sports organizations to host the 2013 Games.

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