Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cornwall Classic

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sunny and few clouds and 18 degrees.
Cornwall Classic 5km-10km run. I run 10Km.

Marlene Hunt was there, she was my T.A from when I was 3 years old until Grade 3. She is a Cornwall councillor. MLA Ronnie MacKinley started the race.

Ran up Ferry Rd. passed Uncle John's lane. Wore my white cap and soak with water.

Finish in 47:39 place in 22nd out of 51.

Official Result: 22nd out of 51
10K in 47 minutes, 39 seconds
2006 Cornwall Classic
2005 Cornwall Classic

Alex & "MJ" (Marlene Hunt). Alex's TA from the time he was 3 until Grade 3. I cannot say enough about her, her common sense, her respect for Alex and his autism, her ability to see beyond his disabilities to his abilities and the calm and gentle way she followed his lead and brought out the very best in him. She helped lay a very solid foundation for his education and began building successes upon it that continued throughout his school years. She is indeed one of the best things that ever happened to Alex and we're always thrilled to see her.

Dianne Pye & Alex.
Dianne loves to keep Alex on his toes and, although he's doing his best to look cool here, she can usually put a shy smile on his face from ear to ear. When he's running well he can beat her to the finish line but for the most part he's looking at her back, even though it might not start out that way.
He keeps her secrets too though she confesses to breaking the rules by times..... She is one of the few runners he has blogged about by name and one he showed great concern about as he followed her Boston Marathon times during the race and they weren't what they should be (poor Dianne got hit with Strep throat during the Boston Marathon). Safe to say they are watching, and watching out for, each other.

Running For Autism
Not Against It
acceptance not cure

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Jennifer said...

This comment is not for you Alex, but for Marlene Hunt (MJ). I wanted to thank her for being such a wonderful person, and so important to you in your life.