Monday, April 17, 2017

Live Blogging PEI Runners at the Boston Marathon

Monday, April 17th

It's been a few years since we did this, trading in Live Blogging from PEI for Live Tweeting from Boston after Alex qualified in 2013. This year however, his BQ was 24 seconds over the cut and, at this point, he doesn't have a BQ for 2018 either.

We'll do our best here to keep up but with 19 runners we're tracking..... anything might happen! Stay tuned, we'll do our best!

Stan Chaisson - Finished!

Billy MacDonald - Finished!

Amber Spriggs - Finished!

John Bowser - Finished!
Charlotte Gardiner - Finished!

Lora Kemp - Finished!

Chris Murphy - Finished!

Francis Fagan - Finished!

Shawn Shea - Finished!

Natalie Chaisson - Finished!

Bev Walsh - Finished!

Bev Gerg - Finished!

Paul Dalton - Finished!

Todd MacAusland
Congratulations to each & every one of you!!

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