Sunday, April 19, 2015

Boston 2015 - The weekend so far...

The 2015 Boston Marathon Trip with PEI and NB runners. Beginning at Salisbury on Friday morning at Irving Station. 

We're arrived at Holiday Inn in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. 

On Saturday morning in Boston The marathon expo at John B Hynes Convention Center. I picked up bib number, running stuffs and watching course preview. 

I meet the Dick and Rick Hoyt. Dick serves this year Boston Marathon Grand Marshall. One of the most highlight of the Boston trip! 

I eating mexican foods with Moughans. 

On Sunday morning I touring the marathon course in Hopkinton and Downtown Boston then I get ready for tomorrow. The weather says east winds and showers.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Hello Alex!

It's been a few years and many marathons since I've written.

The Hoyts as GRAND Marshall. Course Preview is great.

Noticed that you write your Ls and Xs the way I do when you signed your name. And FIRST BOSTON MARATHON.

The taco shells and that restaurant would be marvellous.

What a weekend, picking up running stuffs. And that you got to stay at Tewksbury - such a place full of rights, liberty and history.

Hope you and your fellow runners in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick soak it up.

Good to see your MacBook is working.

As the cookie says:

"Trust yourself and anything you do will be right".

Hope the course tour went well this morning, Alex.

One eight oh two!