Thursday, May 8, 2014

Proudes's Shoes 5K - 10 Years a RoadRunner

Saturday, May 3rd

It was sun and 9 degrees. 

The Proudes`s Shoes 5K at Sherwood. It was 10 years since join the club for the first run. The course on Ellis Rd, Maple Ave, Ash Dr, Gamwell Ave and Conamore Dr. 

Kris Taylor won the race and Natalie Dallaire for the top female. I finished in 20:17 and came in 16th out of 83 runners.

Official Result: 16th out of 83
5K in 20 minutes, 17 seconds


Peter Meggs with Alex Bain pre-race
Alex Bain's 1st PEI RoadRunners Race - Proude's Shoes 5K 2004

After the race we headed to Hashem's to exchange the shoes 
Mr. Hashem went right for these guys! Nice fit...

Running For Autism
Not Against It
acceptance, inclusion, awareness

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