Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Islanders on the Run - Last Weekend in Quebec City

247 (Place) MARK VICTOR - CHARLOTTETOWN 927(Bib#) 3:45:31.2(Time) 3:44:47.6(Chip)

306 (Place) JACKIE CHAISSON - CHARLOTTETOWN 928(Bib#) 3:52:14.0(Time) 3:51:28.5(Chip)

319 (Place) JOHN VAN EKRIS - CHARLOTTETOWN 809(Bib#) 3:54:14.5(Time) 3:53:05.2(Chip)

337 (Place) DAVE BEATON - CHARLOTTETOWN 710(Bib#) 3:56:04.5(Time) 3:55:19.9(Chip)

430 (Place) LORETTA VAN EKRIS - CHARLOTTETOWN 810(Bib#) 4:05:47.1(Time) 4:04:38.3(Chip)

865 (Place) ROBERT ROACH - CHARLOTTETOWN 702(Bib#) 5:11:46.5(Time) 5:11:09.6(Chip)

Full Results of the 992 Participants
Congratulations All!


Jesse Bain said...

Why do the 'Time' and 'Chip' times vary so much? I'd expect them all to be within a few seconds.

jypsy said...

I'll guess that they have a *very* narrow start line. They line up by estimated times, usually in 15 minute intervals (with or without pace bunnies), fastest runners in front. If you go to the results page you'll see the top runners have gun times that match their chip times. It does seem to be quite a difference though eh? Last year in the half marathon here Alex's difference was only 10 seconds and he placed 264th, Mark Victor, who placed 247th, took close to a minute to get to the start line. I'll ask John or Loretta when I see them (John is the guy who got Alex through the SADD Run earlier this year).

jypsy said...

Loretta confirmed the start line was narrow.