Sunday, October 14, 2007

PEI Marathon 2007 - A Personal Best Half-Marathon

What a beautiful morning for a Marathon......
Alex, #617, ready to go......

They're off.........

Heading into UPEI.....

Down the Sherwood Road....

University Ave. & Belvedere....

In front of RCMP Headquarters....

19.9K mark, University Ave & Kirkwood....

The final few blocks, he will overtake
everyone you see in front of him......

Finish Line in sight......

1:38:59 - A Personal Best
34th out of 396 runners
"Many people have gone further than they imagined they could
because somebody else thought they could"

Stanley Chaisson & Scott Clark
Winners of the Half-Marathon & Full Marathon
Both ran Personal Bests
(Stan -
1:12:13 Scott - 2:49:15)
Way to go guys!!

Alex's 2006 PEI Half-Marathon
Alex's 2005 PEI Half-Marathon
Alex's 2004 PEI Half-Marathon

It was sunny and cloudy and 11 degrees and no wind when started.

Were two pace bunnies one for the 1:40 and one for the 2:00. I ran ahead of pace bunny.

Ran with Sean McNeill first few kms, Shelly Simmons-MacLeod for long time and she tell to hard breathe from stitch of side. That work good. Thanks Shelly!

John van Ekris put up big sign by Peter Pan Corner about said first names of Stan's Running Group.

Members of Charlottetown Abbies at 3 water stops.

Within 2km to finish at Burger King My mom rode on bike to finish line.

I pass 9 people in last 2kms.

At the finish line wave cap they call his name on the speaker and lots a people cheering. Breaking 1:40 barrier and I felt great.

My friends have a good day too, especially Stan and Scott for personal best times and winning. 396 runners in half and 190 runnings in full. Next year I run the first marathon in running career.

Prince Edward Island 2007 Photo Album

Deborah Mutch's photos of Alex's start & finish
(thanx Deb!!)

Stanley, already running a race all his own
Alex's Start

Alex's Finish

Click HERE to see all Deborah's photos

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Not Against It
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Anne said...

Go, Alex! Look out, bunnies!

Steve D said...

Personal best!
Congratulations, Alex, from a fan in California.

Phil Schwarz said...

Yea Alex!
-- Phil, in Edmonton, post-AutCom 2007. Back to Boston (area code 617 :-)) for me tomorrow.

FreddyBeachPete said...

Hey Alex,

Great to meet you and your mom at the registration and wow, a PB for the Half. Way to go! Thanks for putting a story and picture on your site about Myra. I have put a picture of you on my blog too. I'm looking forward to seeing you at future events.

Alyric said...

34th - That's great!

Shelley Simmons MacLeod said...

You're so Very Welcome Alex.... Glad it helped, even though you BLEW by me in the end....LOL !! Way to Go ..... What an AwEsOmE Finish and a PB to Boot!! Thanks to you Janet for your continued support at every Roadrace, what would I do without you to hand all my crap to along the way !!
See you both at the Wally Rod
Shelley :)

Sean McNeill said...

Great finish Alex, breaking 1:40 is quite an achievement.

hjkl said...

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