Sunday, February 27, 2011

Freeze Your Gizzard 2011

It was cloud and -14 degrees.

The Freeze You Gizzard Run at New Montague High School. The 10.5Km loop course on Valleyfield Rd, Main Street, Queens Rd, Riverside Dr and Peardon Rd.

At 5Km and halfway point

Mom can see my yellow pom-pom

Billy MacDonald won the half marathon and Erin Poirier for top female.

I finished in 1:47:57 and came in 14th out of 44 runners.

Todd "Stone Cold" Power won the 10K race and
Natalie Dallaire for top female

Official Result: 14th out of 44
Half-Marathon in 1 hour, 47 minutes & 57 seconds

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Photos from the Freeze your Gizzard 2006-2011

Thank You George Hughes!!

I had a flat tire on the way home, just past Poole's Corner. When jumping on the tire iron still failed to budge any of the wheel nuts, I called Debby's cell (I had gotten her number before I headed out on the course in case any of the runners had trouble. Little did I know it would be me calling that number later in the day, thinking maybe I could borrow her husband.....) As it turned out George answered and came to my rescue. By then I had done enough jumping on the tire iron to finally loosen the nuts and George had me back on the road in no time. Thank you so much George! - janet

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