Monday, July 23, 2012

Dunk River Run 2012

It was sun and cloud and 20 degrees.

The Dunk River Run at Central Bedeque Arena. The course on Callbeck Street, Rayner Rd, Freetown Rd, Mill Rd and Dunk River Rd.

Billy MacDonald won the race and Jennie Orr for the top female. I finished in 46:40 and came in 5th out of 70 runners.

Official Result: 5th out of 70
11.6K in 46 minutes, 40 seconds

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Jennie Orr was glad to see the downhill approach to the finish as she crossed Route 1A into Bedeque during the 35th annual Dunk River Road Race on Sunday. Orr registered a time of 51:20, making her the top woman to finish, and placed 12th in the 70-runner field.
Michael Nesbitt/Journal Pioneer

Published on July 22, 2012
By Michael Nesbitt
Journal Pioneer

BEDEQUE – Seventy participants took on the 35th Dunk River Road Race on Sunday morning, with Billy MacDonald and Jennie (Flash) Orr outpacing their respective fields to claim the honours.

For MacDonald, his 42:56 time was well off the course record, but he had a strategy and stayed with it to win. Scott Clark was the course leader and MacDonald just decided to keep him close.

"I was pacing (Clark) the whole race, so I kept within 50 metres, about a light-pole distance," said MacDonald.

"Within the last mile I picked up the pace, and passed him with about 500 metres to go."

Not far behind

Clark knew MacDonald was not far behind during the run, even checking with water station volunteers to avoid the interruption of a shoulder check. He did what he could to widen the gap on the final uphill, but knew it was not enough.

The two runners are familiar with each other, having raced about 100 times, MacDonald estimated.

As much as he was pleased with the win, MacDonald noted that Clark biked to the event and did a 10-km warm up.

"He's training for an 'Ironman', so he has a few more miles in his legs than I did, today. I just had my coffee, and that's all I needed today," he joked.

MacDonald runs triathalons regularly. Not having any pace recorder on Sunday, he paced himself on instinct, and Clark's lead, but said it was one of his best times.

Clark registered second-place at 43:01, while Leo McCosham crossed the line at 45:22.


Twenty-year-old Jennie Orr, a first-time runner, recorded a time of 51:20.

"The last couple of kilometers were hard, uphill," she said. "I was a little bit tired by the time I got there, but it was fun."

While the other Road Runners have nicknamed her "Flash", she says her unorthodox style of running has been dubbed "The Duck Runner."

In this race, she eased through the first few kilometers, and picked it up after the 6-km mark.

She said she began running "just because," and has only been training seriously since last October. She is in training for the Island Marathon in the fall.

Natalie Vloet followed Orr across the line at 51:52.

Record attempt

Jennifer Pizio-Perry registered 53:25 for third place, unfortunately failing in her attempt to set a record fifth-straight win in the event.

Orr was 12th overall, with Vloet 13th and Pizio-Perry 16th.

Organizer Paul Wright noted that the Road Runners count nearly 350 members, Wright notes, including a runner from Tennessee who participates in races when his family vacations on the Island.

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