Saturday, November 12, 2011

The 2nd Annual Great Canadian Goat Run!

Ready to Run
CTV having a word with Race Starter,
The Honourable Wayne Easter MP for Malpeque, PEI

It was sun and cloud and windy and 3 degrees.

The Great Canadian Goat Run at The Great Canadian Soap Company. The course on Portage Rd, Winsloe Rd, MacQuarrie Rd and Brackley Point Rd.

Billy MacDonald won the 10km race and Dianne Watts Pye for the top female. I finished in 39:59 and came in 2nd out of 33 runners.

Edwin Gillis won the 5km race and Madeleine Crowell for the top female.

Thanks to all runners and volunteers for helping the 2nd Annual Great Canadian Goat Run!

Official Result: 2nd out of 33
10K in 39 minutes, 59 seconds

Edwin Gillis & Billy MacDonald bringing home the rubber chickens
and winning themselves a chicken from Oxfam Unwrapped.

BIG Thanks to Ten Strings & A Goat Skin - Jesse, Caleb & Rowen
for providing fabulous finish line entertainment!!

Good (warm!) Food happening over at Katie's Lemonade Stand!
Winners of the Goat's Run...

Female: Sandra McConkey & Chloe

Male (also winner of the youngest male runner)
Jeremie Buote & Brigit

Big Thanks for all this food donated for The Upper Room Food Bank!
Here's how many Goats the runners at The 2nd Annual Great Canadian Goat Run
purchased today to help people living in poverty gain greater levels of self-sufficiency and control over their lives and the future of their communities.

“Your gift also includes animal vaccinations, animal health training and instruction on marketing, meaning a single goat can create greater self- sufficiency, self-esteem and educational opportunities for recipients and their families. Each goat is purchased in the region where it is needed. Oxfam’s program officers ensure that communities have the resources and training to take on the responsibility of animal rearing.”

“Oxfam Canada stands in solidarity with women and men around the world, helping them with the tools and intangibles that empower them to become leaders in their communities. Our programs are designed to strengthen skills so that women and men are able to enjoy their rights, live lives of dignity and pursue dreams and goals.”


Our sincere thanks to everyone involved in today's
Great Canadian Goat Run!

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