Thursday, June 21, 2007

Islanders on the Run - Last Weekend in Nova Scotia and on Mount Washington

Congratulations to PEI runners who were out representing this past weekend. Over in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia at the Johnny Miles Running Event Weekend, PEI had 3 runners in the top 5 in the Marathon. Scott Clark placed 2nd in a time of 2:57:39, Shawn McCardle placed 3rd in a time of 2:59:08 and Mark McCosham placed 5th in a time of 3:07:44. There were many, many more Island runners in the Marathon.

Full Marathon Results
Half Marathon Results
10K Results
5K Results
Student Challenge Results

Meanwhile, south of the border, Bev Walsh ran the Mount Washington Road Race

"Just before race director Bob Teschek starts the race, he always reminds you "there is only one hill." Of course that hill is more than 7.6 miles long with nearly 5,000 feet of climb, a sadistic test of running ability. It's really no mystery why there are so many runners willing to put themselves through this anaerobic hell, and why hundreds of disappointed more wish they could, but were not "lucky" enough to get picked in the lottery. It's the challenge, of course. The fact that it is so difficult is precisely the reason so many are so driven to try a race that leaves even the most accomplished runners gasping for breath. As one famous writer once said, " I don't enjoy writing at all, but I do enjoy having written." That pretty much sums up running up Mt. Washington."
Bev finished in 1:57:00, the 104th woman to finish, 17th in her division. Congratulations Bev, I hope you got a bum-per sticker to go on the back of your shorts, you most surely deserve it!

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