Friday, June 15, 2007

Help Get Stanley Chaisson to the Island Games in Greece

Our man Stan has been asked to represent Prince Edward Island at the Island Games on the Island of Rhodes in Greece June 30th - July 6th 2007.

Stan will be running the 10,000 Metre (10Km) track event at the beautiful new Kalipatira Sports Complex.

Anyone who knows Stanley can attest to the fine choice this Bear River native is to represent PEI. One doesn't have to be in his running group, or even a runner to know Stanley's enthusiasm, support and encouragement. I experienced it first hand last fall when we were both speakers at the PEI Marathon Speaker Series and were both a bit nervous about our presentations. Stanley was my support and encouragement beforehand and I remember well how, every time I looked up during that presentation, I saw Stanley, smiling, looking interested in what I was saying, and making it easy to relax and carry on. Alex and his fellow runners know Stan's encouragement all too well - with Stan's blazing times and top finishes he has plenty of time to go back and cheer on the rest of the field, "Stanley cheers at last few meters after winning in 15:34" Alex wrote after the Proude's Shoes Run in May. I've heard other runners comment on how Stan's cheers encouraged them to pour it on at the end of a run as well. He has an easy rapport with Alex and my observation leads me to believe he really enjoys and takes great interest in each and every member of his very diverse running groups.

For Stanley, the total cost of the trip is $4,000.00. While the Province has agreed to cover $3,000.00 of this , Stanley has to come up with an additional $1,000.00 on his own in very short order. Stanley's beginner group at Run UPEI have sprung into action to help him fundraise that $1000.00. Many from this group, thanks to Stanley's encouragement & support, will be running in their first 5K race Saturday, June 23rd at the Deltaware 5K Run in Charlottetown and a collection will be taken following the Run for Stan. This race is where Stan has run his personal best 5K time, running it last year in 15:07.

For all who will be participating in the Deltaware 5K, please bring along a donation for Stanley. If you'de like to donate but won't be there on the 23rd I have a couple of suggestions.... You can send a cheque, made out to "Stanley Chaisson" to Brian McKenna, 18 Johnson Ave. Charlottetown C1A 3H9, before June 27th (you can contact Brian at ). Alex & I will be at the PEI Parks Trail Run in Milton Saturday June 16th and The Michael Thomas-Barney Francis Memorial Run on Lennox Island on Thursday June 21st and would be happy to take any donations (cash or cheques) along to Stanley at the Deltaware Run June 23rd. If you can't spare a dime but can spare a word of encouragement, drop Stanley a line and wish him well, he can be reached at

Stanley Chaisson, BSc Kinesiology.
  • Kinesiologist & Personal Trainer
  • Program Facilitator, RUN UPEI
  • Five-year varsity Cross Country and Track & Field member at Dalhousie University
  • Wealth of experience: competed in numerous National competitions
  • Former CIS All Canadian
  • Broad knowledge of the science behind health and exercise
  • Several years of training experience
  • Active runner and sports enthusiast

The sport of Athletics has had its roots since ancient times on the Island of Rhodes. All participants will have the opportunity to visit the islands Ancient Stadium. As a very popular sport on the island many athletes participate in international events, the Olympic Games and have even won medals in IAAF World Championships.

Athletics has a well-organised local association supported by the National Federation of Athletics, with vast experience in organising events at the National level having participants in all athletic events.

The athletic events will be hosted in the newly constructed, 400m 8 lane, Track and Field of the "Kalipatira Sports Complex" located close to the accommodation area. The half marathon will be held in the City of Rhodes starting from the Ancient Stadium. Athletes will also have the option to train in the newly constructed track and field of "Agios Silas".

The P.E.I. government says it will help pay to send athletes to the
International Island Games this year in Rhodes, Greece.

Nelson Hagerman, vice-president and fundraiser for the local island games association, said athletes are also looking ahead to 2009, when the Games are due to be held on the Baltic Sea island of Aland. Hagerman said that event will be a good warmup for the Canada Summer Games, which will be held in P.E.I. in 2009.

"We hope to send a good contingent of athletes, because what it would do is give them an initial training or competition process before...the Canada Games in 2009," said Hagerman.

In all, 82 athletes, coaches and officials will travel to the Games in Greece this summer. The provincial government will contribute $75,000 to the cost. P.E.I. sent its first athletes to the International Island Games, which are held every two years, in 1991. It is the only North American member of the International Island Games Association.

P.E.I. is also looking into becoming the first North American host for the Games, launching a bid for 2013. A successful bid could bring as many as 4,000 visitors to P.E.I., said Hagerman.

The games in Rhodes are the first to be held outside the British Isles and Scandinavia. The inaugural Games were held on the Isle of Man in 1985.

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