Friday, April 24, 2015

My First Boston Marathon

The 119th Boston Marathon at Hopkinton, Massachusetts. The course on Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brookline and Boston.

I am at wave 1 corral 2 at 10:00am start.

 It was showers and east wind and 7 degrees.

Alex & Calvin DesRoches Pre-Race
The halfway split of 1:32, climb 4 Newton Hills while listening AC/DC at Heartbreak Hill, The "screaming tunnel" at Wellesley College which I wasn't kiss and high five the girls and enter Boston.

I finished in 3:34:36 and came in 11,646 out of 26,610 runners.It was the first timer! 

Stan Chaisson was the top Islander and 8th Canadian. Lelisa Desisa won the race and Caroline Rotich for the top female. 

The finish line celebration at Cheers bar with drink and chicken figures.

Photo by Barb DesRoches

Next day I returned to Canada with NB and PEI runners from Holiday Inn, shopping in Freeport, spend night in Moncton and finally home.

Thanks to Dave Perry for the finish line photo, all runners, facebook friends and Boston Athletic Association for support me and coverage the 119th Boston Marathon!


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Adelaide Dupont said...

Hey Alex!

Congratulations to you and all the Islanders. Three hours and thirty minutes - what a feat!

You didn't kiss and high-5 the Wellesley girls through the tunnel?

And the after-Marathon stuff - great bonding involved.

Did you have chicken fingers?

Monckton - great place.

Unknown said...

Wonderful pictures and a great run, Alex! I wish the weather here in Boston on race day had been a little less wet and windy though. (But it looks like you survived the weather and the noisy Wellesley College student gauntlet with flying colors :-).) I hope you'll be back to run the Boston Marathon in future years!

Anne said...

Alex, the Boston Marathon! Congratulations on not only completing it, but a good showing too.