Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Michael Gaudet's Tip-to-Tip Run

Congratulations Michael!

Gaudet conquers tip-to-tip run

 Michael Gaudet, centre, ran the Confederation Trail with the support of people like Doug MacEachern and John vanekris. Submitted photo

Published on September 26, 2012
Jason Malloy

279-kilometre run not possible without support of running community

Michael Gaudet obliterated his previous record for distance running during a weekend journey from one end of Prince Edward Island to the other.

He ran from Tignish to Elmira along the Confederation Trail. He becomes the first Islander, and second athlete ever, to complete the 273.4-kilometre journey at one time. Gaudet’s previous longest run was 75 km.

“There were lots of milestones along the way,” he said.

“Hitting the 100-mile mark in 20 hours-plus for me was a major accomplishment.”

He started the run Friday around 5 a.m. and completed it 42 hours and 18 minutes later just prior to midnight on Saturday.

It was the culmination of a journey Gaudet has been planning for about a year.

“I just thought, ‘wouldn’t it be interesting to try and run from tip to tip.’ I wasn’t even sure if it would be possible,” he recalled.

Gaudet, who splits his time between Charlottetown and Darnley, contacted experienced distance runners Doug MacEachern and John vanekris to get their advice. They said it could be done with the proper attitude and training and were there to help him along the way.

“Without them I could never completed it,” Gaudet said. “They had been there before themselves and … knew had to take care of me.”

They were two of the many Islanders who came out to run with him during the trip. Gaudet learned the importance of the support along the trail from Denver’s Jeremy Bradford, who ran the trail in August.

“Without the support you just can’t do that. It’s not a solo effort, it’s a team effort,” Gaudet said. “The running community of the Island is very special. It’s something we all share — a zest for life.”

Gaudet said the last 30 kilometres were tough, but he was committed to finishing the mission.

“There was never a doubt in my mind it would be completed,” he said. “You put (a task like that) in front of you, you have to stay on course.”

He hopes to be involved in next month’s P.E.I. Marathon and plans on running the New York Marathon in November.

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