Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gulf Shore School's 20th Anniversary

Alex first told me that Gulf Shore School was going to be celebration their 20th anniversary a few months ago. He mentioned it again when he came home from work Thursday, informing me it was that night.
This is Alex's way of "expressing great interest" in going somewhere (which, aside from running/races/RoadRunner functions, is quite rare) and, since we had no plans and the weather was good, we went back to his old stomping grounds Thursday evening to check out the party......

The Gulf Shore School's 20th Anniversary was held in Gulf Shore School Thursday, January 20.
I met my teachers, principal Mary Jane Ready and students.
The school photo albums from beginning to now. Meals and entertainment at Multi-purpose Room.
It was a good time.

Alex with his Grade 1 teacher Mrs. Gallant

This photo completes our "collection" of photos of
'Alex & his Gulf Shore TAs':

Gulf Shore Consolidated School is a Kindergarten to Grade 9 school (it was 1-9 when Alex went but he also attended the, then private, Kindergarten in the school). Alex's academic success is due, in large part, to these TAs ("Teacher's Aides" as they were known at the time) who worked in the classroom 1-1 with Alex.

Ms. Hunt, "MJ", entered Alex life when he was 3 and had been placed in a Daycare a few hours a week to hang out with "normal" kids... She followed him to school and was by his side until the end of grade 3.

Alex & Ms. Hunt at the 2007 Cornwall Classic and at Alex's Olympic Torch Run in 2009.

Miss Ross (and although she is now Mrs. Ross Shepherd, she's still "Miss. Ross" to Alex) worked with Alex for grades 4, 5 & 6.

Alex & "Miss Ross" at Alex's Olympic Torch Run in 2009 and at the 2007 Run for the Cure.

Ms. Bond worked with Alex in Grade 7 & 8.

Alex & Ms. Bond at the 2010 Month Before Christmas Run & at Buzzie's iRunman fundraiser in '06

Ms. Murphy worked with Alex in Grade 9. She also worked with him a bit in grade 2 and was around the school his entire time there.

Happy 20th Anniversary Gulf Shore School!
Alex Bain - Class of 2002

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dinah said...

what a splendid bunch of TAs! great to see them all with smiling Alex